Jackpot 777

An Innovative Betting Plaform

What is Jackpot ?
Jackpot (777) will offer a decentralized PvP gambling solution. At launch we will offer a JACKPOT Lottery system along with dice. All PvP and provably fair. The platform will be powered by our very own coin (777) and winnings will be verified by the Jackpot blockchain.
Revolutionizing the Industry Our technology is revolutionzing the online gambling industry by with the JACKPOT platform built on top of Blockchain Technology.
Jackpot 777 Utility Platforms
Shared Masternode
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Jackpot 777 Coin is currently traded on the Crex24 Stock Exchange. Soon trading on other exchanges will be live .
Web -Wallet
Technical Information
We are not limited to just being a coin for speculation like any other masternode coin in the market but we address the general public and have them get involved into our PvP PLATFORM . Jackpot 777 coin platform is the very first masternode currency that allows players to play against other online players and not with AI like in other platforms. We encourage anyone and everyone across the world to compete on the platform and use Jackpot 777 Coin as the betting currency .
Ease &
Ease Of Use
Anyone from anywhere in the world can start the Jackpot 777 Coin online app and start playing right away with ease of use and no barrier trying to understand how to use cryptocurrency. Even a person who is new and doesn't have crypto can initially play for free to try out the platform and can redeem the winnings after completion of 100+ games. If you are a regular crypto user, all you have to do is to login, send Jackpot 777 coin into the wallet, and you will be automatically exchanged for Jackpot 777 Chips. Once you have yourJackpot 777 Chips, you can start playing various games on the platform and play against others or the house. Once done you can send your coins back into your Jackpot 777 Coin wallet, or if you manage to win high you can even setup a Jackpot 777 Coin masternode!
Guaranteed Anonytmity &
Many gambling sites and platforms require mandatory KYC process from users who end up sharing their personal information like ID, CC info and sometimes as personal as address. The first good thing about Jackpot 777 Coin is that the platform and the coin is completely anonymous. Our Gambling platform requires no KYC or any personal information for you to start playing in our platform. All we will need is a username, password, and your deposit in Jackpot 777 Coins to get started.
Wallet and Specification
Coin NameJackpot
Max Supply70,000,000
Masternode collateral10.000 Jackpot
Block Reward85% Masternode - 15% Staker
Maturity: 60 minutes
Block Time 60 seconds
Algo Quark
Masternode Monitoring
Source Code
Docs and Guide
Masternode Hosting
Jackpot Portfolio
Our Roadmap


  • JULY 2019
  • Project idea confirmed and
    development started
  • Aug 2019
  • Genesis Block
  • Aug 2019
  • Exchange Listing
  • September 2019
  • Platform Beta Jackpot & Dice
  • Oct 2019
  • Whitepaper.



  • Dec 2019
  • Exchange Listing
  • Dec 2019
  • Coin Marketcap Listing
  • Dec 2019
  • Web Wallet
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